Maugno Mora, Realtor in Tyler, TX

There’s a lot that goes into selling homes. It’s tempting for many people to forgo listing their home with a realtor, save money, and then put the house on the market themselves. Often, these homes will remain on the market for years.

Realtors have the kind of experience that ensures homes don’t remain on the market indefinitely. Maugno’s extensive experience in the Tyler real estate market ensures that he can get homes on the market and sold quickly, all while ensuring that the sellers get the amount they wanted.

If you’re looking to sell real estate in Tyler, Maugno can help. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.

Why Maugno?

Maugno has been working in the East Texas real estate market since college. As a real estate investor, he learned how to get a home on the market, sell it quickly, and make top dollar for the property. This experience ensures that he’s able to help his clients do the same. It also means that he retains the connections he had as an investor and brings these to bear when selling his client’s home.

Maugno is dedicated to providing the best market valuations available in Tyler real estate. He works hard to ensure that he provides an accurate valuation for his clients. He also helps them find cost-effective ways to improve the property to fetch a higher price.

He’s also dedicated to transparency, communication, and providing value to home sellers. He’s always available to speak with his clients and he ensures that they know what’s going on in the home selling process.

If you’re selling a home in Tyler, you couldn’t find a better real estate agent. Contact Maugno today to schedule a consultation.