Maugno has been working in real estate since he was in college. He saved his money and bought a piece of property on the steps of the Tyler courthouse. He worked on the property to fix it up on the weekends, hoping to flip it for a profit.

He did, and ever since then, he has been working in real estate one way or another. He began buying and flipping homes in college. Here, he learned the ropes of the Tyler real estate market, and that extensive knowledge still serves him today.

He eventually got his real estate license, and today he helps first-time home buyers, sellers, and real estate investors make the best purchases possible. He ensures that he’s in contact with his clients regularly, helping them understand the process and all that goes into it.

Communication. Trust. Value.

Maugno designs his entire real estate practice around three core values: communication, trust, and value. These principles set him apart from other Tyler real estate agents and allow him to provide client-first services, whether buying, selling, or investing.


Maugno tries to include his clients in every part of the process, from negotiation to the close. Buying, selling, and investing in real estate can be daunting for a lot of people. Maugno always takes time to communicate with his clients about what’s going on and is always available to discuss the sale or purchase with his clients.


Buyers and sellers put a lot of trust into the real estate agent they choose. Maugno understands this and strives not only to earn that trust but reward it. He ensures he gets his clients the best deal possible, always gives them fair and accurate market analysis, and works to understand their needs.


Many buyers and sellers wonder what value a real estate agent provides, especially if it’s their first time doing either. Having regularly been both a buyer and a seller in his life, Maugno understands this and works hard to ensure that his clients understand his value. He always strives to go the extra mile for them.